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        Glib Franko

        Glib Franko’s work has been purchased by the Polish Museum of the People's Movement.
        Glib is based in Khmelnytsky in Ukraine.
        In 2018 Glib won the Khmelnytsky State Administration Scholarship.

        Ukranian artist Glib Franko transforms classical artistic practices into exciting large scale expressionist works. Whether tackling landscapes, nudes or botanical pieces, Glib reinvigorates his subject matter with his bold and dynamic approach. Glib primarily works with oils to give his paintings a textural surface and to achieve a vibrant colour palette. Each of Glib’s works are rich with impact and continuously experimental.

        Glib Franko’s Early Life and Development

        Glib was born into a family of artists and was interested in painting from a very young age. His father was a watercolour painter and his mother worked in textiles. In 2000, Glib started at the Kosiv Institute of Decorative Arts and studied at the Department of Monumental Painting before attending the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv for Painting Restoration. Since graduating, Glib has exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and his work is in collections across Ukraine, Italy, China, the UK and the USA.

        Glib’s Process

        Glib likes to create work that treads the line between abstract and figurative art. Taking traditional subjects and classical practices, Glib intends to leave his work open to the interpretation of the viewer. Experimentation is key to Glib’s process and he often introduces new mediums into his work as a way of constantly challenging his own creative expression.

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