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Monica Griffin


Monica is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles.

Her work consists of carefully composed pieces that invite the viewer to contemplate the complexity of the natural world. Through a combination of painting and photography, her practice is driven by the desire to capture the essence of these landscapes and to distill their beauty into a visual momento. It is not simply a documentary record of a landscape, but instead through color and large scale abstract textural paintings placed in these landscapes, she’s able to transport the viewer to these places, invoking a sense of wonder and joy at the sheer majestic qualities these environments behold.

At the same time, her work is also informed by a deep concern for the environment and the ways in which human activity is impacting the landscapes around us. Through her art, she aims to encourage a greater appreciation and understanding of our natural world, as well as to inspire action and advocacy. Whether through photography, mixed media, or other forms of creative expression, she’s committed to exploring the intersection of art and the environment, and to using the work as a tool for change and transformation.

Ultimately, each piece is meant to create a beautiful homage to Mother Earth.

Selected Works

In the Wild: Malibu

Photography - 37x61 cm

Slick Rock

Paintings - 122x92 cm

Cholla Cholla

Paintings - 122x92 cm

In the Wild: Agua Caliente

Photography - 46x61 cm

In the Wild: Sequoia

Photography - 41x61 cm

In the Wild: Palos Verdes

Photography - 46x61 cm

In the Wild: Joshua Tree

Photography - 61x46 cm

In the Wild: Vasquez Rocks

Photography - 51x41 cm

In the Wild: Death Valley

Photography - 51x41 cm

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