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      Julia Chance

      Julia Chance’s abstract paintings are a response to personal experiences of the city or landscapes.
      Through a liberating process of chance and exploration, Julia’s paintings build up intuitively over time, taking on a life of their own.
      Julia’s landscapes recently featured at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, as part of the Winter Exhibition 2020.

      Julia Chance, born in Cumbria, UK in 1964, paints abstract and semi-abstract paintings which respond to her personal experiences of the city or landscapes. Julia uses sketches and photographs to remind her of specific experiences and her works are a chance to relive momentary encounters with the world around us.

      Julia Chance’s Early Career

      Julia received a First Class Degree in Architecture, a Diploma in Architecture and an MSc with Distinction in Architectural History (UCL). The artist then took part in painting courses led by the artist Nicholas Wilton to hone her craft and technique. Before becoming a painter, Julia was an architect working with distinguished practices in London and Sydney. Her passion for architecture shines through her mixed-media paintings and use of form, demonstrated by a remarkable ability to evoke a sense of emerging space.

      Style and Practice

      Julia’s approach balances control with intuition. While meticulously monitoring the work as it progresses, the artist remains open to risk and chance occurrences, allowing her paintings to take on a life of their own. Examining the interaction between colours, textures and mark-making, Julia layers, scours, blends, cuts, and splatters the paint onto her canvas. Often switching between numerous paintings simultaneously, there is a sense of freshness and spontaneity in her works born from a trust in the piece to grow and transform without restriction.


      Julia has a studio in South Manchester, UK. Her work is exhibited at Saul Hay Fine Art, Manchester and was recently shown at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, as part of the Winter Exhibition 2020.

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