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Susanna Klein


Munich-born Susanna Klein is an abstract artist who consciously seeks out and uses pre-existing materials. The artist experiments with photographs, fabrics, drawings, and leftover materials from previous works to form the beginning of a discovery process. Often taking inspiration from nature and the seasons, Susanna works in series.

Susanna Klein‘s Early Career & Style

After working in fashion and studying Communication Design in Hamburg, Susanna turned to art. She achieved a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in Abstract Painting in 2019. Since then, she has continually nurtured her unique approach to traditional painting techniques, working with oils and tempera. The artist, intrigued by themes of time and transience, discovers and collects various natural resources to incorporate into her art: leftovers, dead plants, animals, rubbish, legacies. The resource-saving use of organic or recycled materials is central to her mixed-media artistic practice, implemented using various processes from cyanotype, bleaching and dyeing with hand-made natural dyes.


The artist has exhibited prolifically across Vienna, where she is based, including with Open House Creative Cluster (2021), FAST TRASH (2021), Uomo Universale La Femme (2020), Neue Wiener Ernsthaftigkeit (2018), and Goodbye Albrechtsfeld (2017). Susanna has received numerous scholarships and awards and has featured in print and digital publications such as Les Noueveaux Riches Magazine and the Uomo Universale La Femme catalogue.

Selected Works

Mind rug

Paintings - 36x30 cm

For Gaia

Paintings - 38x32 cm

natural leftover two

Paintings - 35x24 cm


Paintings - 69x54 cm


Paintings - 40x35 cm


Paintings - 50x40 cm


Paintings - 38x30 cm


Paintings - 48x40 cm


Paintings - 30x25 cm


Paintings - 38x32 cm


Paintings - 50x40 cm

one day before

Paintings - 40x32 cm


Paintings - 45x36 cm


Paintings - 155x120 cm


Paintings - 130x105 cm


Paintings - 130x105 cm


Paintings - 32x27 cm


Paintings - 29x31 cm
Images courtesy of the artist. Photo: © Joanna Pianka

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