Clare Thatcher


Clare is an artist living and working in Bristol, UK, with painting and drawing at the heart of her practice. Clare makes work deeply connected to a sense of place in response to particular landscape features that have had a profound effect on her, mostly in tidal and coastal areas. The locations she chooses and the focus of her attention is highly selective and personal, one that evokes a very strong, emotional, felt response. Central to her practice is the use of pure colour which she makes from pigment. Clare selects a limited palette and through the impact of both colour and surface aims to capture the mood and sensation of an ever-changing landscape. Clare's work has always been about place, specific visited places and so particularly understood by drawing directly. She uses drawing and painting as a visual language to express her most inner thoughts and emotions. Clare's paintings tell a story with strong narratives, carrying intense experiences felt when in a place. Clare studied at Bath Spa University in 2014-15 graduating with an MA Fine Art Degree and University the West of England 2011-14 graduating with a First class BA honours degree in Drawing & Applied Art. Shortlisted for the London Sunny Art Prize 2021, Society of Woman Artists 2021, Beep Painting Prize biennial 2020, Jackson’s Open Painting Prize 2019 and John Moores Painting Prize 2018 amongst others. Clare has undertaken residencies in Barreiro, Portugal and Helsinki, Finland.

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