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        Clare Thatcher is a figurative painter whose work is deeply connected to a sense of place.
        Clare aims to capture the mood and sensation of an ever-changing landscape.
        Her favourite contemporary artists include Jeremy Gardiner, George Shaw and Anish Kapoor.

        Clare Thatcher is a figurative artist living and working in Bristol, UK, with painting and drawing at the heart of her practice. Clare paints landscape features inspired by locations that have had a profound effect on her, taking influence from the idea of liminal space. With a particular focus on tidal and coastal areas, Clare produces soft-hued, multi-textural scenes that capture the ever-changing nature of landscapes and translate the intense, visceral experience of natural wonders.

        Clare Thatcher’s Early Career, Style and Inspiration

        Clare studied Drawing and Applied Arts at University the West of England, gaining a First Class BA Honours Degree. She then studied at Bath Spa University, graduating with an MA Fine Arts Degree in 2015. Clare roots her practice in highly personal and emotional encounters with the natural world, evoking a strong, felt response in return. Central to her practice is the use of pure colour that she makes from pigment. Using pigment in its pure form allows her to achieve what she calls a “pure colour hit”. These pigments are then layered to create a rugged, uneven surface; crevices and canyons for the eye to explore on the canvas. Clare typically uses a limited colour palette with minimalist features and detail, manifesting a quiet yet reverent beauty.

        Exhibitions and Awards

        Clare has been shortlisted for several revered prizes, including the Society of Women Artists 2021, Beep Painting Prize Biennial 2020, Jackson’s Open Painting Prize 2019 and John Moores Painting Prize 2018, amongst others. Clare has undertaken residencies in Barreiro, Portugal and Helsinki, Finland. Clare has exhibited her works worldwide; in Paris, Liverpool, London, Northampton, Nottingham, Bristol and Bath, to name a few. She recently showcased her work on paper in Hasselt, Belgium and at the Paris Contemporary Drawing Fair 2021. She was selected for the London Art Biennale 2021. She is also co-founder of CLaSH Artspace Bristol, where she has a studio. Clare was the third prize winner of the London Sunny art prize in 2022.

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