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      The Frym

      The FYRM is an emerging artist with a notable presence in the fashion industry.
      The FRYM mastered the art of calligraphy despite being left-handed, which dramatically reduces hand movements when shaping letters.
      She has collaborated with Cointreau and Liberty London Department Store.

      The FRYM is an emerging London-based contemporary artist working with interior stylists, digital media and mural production companies. The artist specialises in a unique style of calligraphy script writing, admired throughout the fashion and art kingdoms. Taking inspiration from the folk painting techniques and medieval art of Russia, where she grew up, The FRYM has paved a unique path to becoming a symbology-driven artist.

      The FYRM’s Style and Practice

      The FRYM is constantly developing her visual style of form and expression, experimenting with imagery and text in intricate compositions and expressionistic paintings. These highly complex arrangements not only exemplify mythical storytelling but demonstrate expertise in translating and modernising Orthodox calligraphy writing. Despite the complexity, there nevertheless features a seamless merging of character and painting throughout her portfolio. Recent acrylic works of dreamscapes, allegories of mental and physical journeys, and recreations of biblical teachings "travel far from reality" but come from the heart. Using calligraphy brushes to paint, her passion for the movement and rhythm of scriptwriting shines through. Her billowing brushstrokes and signature palette of bold reds, blues, and yellows undulate with feeling.

      Exhibitions and Collaborations

      Cointreau and Liberty London Department Store are among several fashion powerhouses involved in collaborations with the artist. The FRYM is involved in film-making, exhibitions and art projects held in Russia and the UK. Recently, she has exhibited in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow, Russia, and Menier Gallery, London, England.

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