Fantasy Art

Fantasy art originated in mythology and folklore and can be referred to artwork that is strongly fuelled by the artists imagination. Many artists take inspiration from fantasy literature and have become increasingly popular amongst buyers as fantasy film franchises such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter has sparked further popularity for the genre.…

Artists in the 19th century explored the ideas of fantastical characters during the romantic period. Portraying fantasy worlds involved created detailed illustrations and painting scenes from traditional folk stories involving characters of fairies, spirits and non-human figures. William Blakes Oberon, Titanie and Puck with Fairies (1786) presented a beautifully detailed illustration depicting the last narrative scene from Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ideas of fairies and folk stories became increasingly popular throughout the Victorian era as artists such as John Anster Fitzgerald created extraordinary detailed paintings and illustrations of images of fairies, demons and ghouls.

During the 20th century, fantasy art developed a closer relationship with the development of Fantasy fiction. Fantasy books and magazines started to develop cult followings from fans and artists. Movie franchises such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings has generated dozens of artists in recent years, producing fantasy artwork of their interpretation of the stories narratives and characters.

At Rise Art we work with experts to selective innovative world-renowned artists for you to buy and own. Whether your interested in artwork that capture futuristic unknown worlds or pieces that captures childhood wonder, we can offer you a selection of high-quality artwork for you to choose from.

Helen Young’s ( Sky Dragon 2016 is a wonderfully simple abstract painting of a dragon in the night sky. The dominant colour of blue draws the viewer to carefully search for the hidden dragon’s white silhouette which creates feelings of the mystery of the unknown.


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