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Holly Bennett

Holly Bennett pioneered the eco-resin method she uses to create her sculptures.
In 2020, Holly was awarded the Santander ‘Try It’ award.
Holly uses the character in her sculptures as metaphors to tell stories.

British artist Holly Bennett works with resin to create small scale figurative sculptures. Holly’s subjects range from people to animals, to more ambiguous creatures that resemble characters from fiction. Whatever the subject matter, Holly’s sculptures are made with humour and narrative to engage the viewer and invite an open response. For Holly, sculpture is about investigating internal truths and manifesting them in a physical, tangible form.

Holly Bennett’s Education and Career

Holly graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 1995 with a BA in Sculpture, and from here went on to do a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sculpture at The City and Guilds of London Art School. Over twenty years later, Holly did an MA in Design at the University of the West of England. Preceding and since her MA, Holly has exhibited in Bristol and Bath, and she is currently a member of the Bath Society of Artists.

Holly’s Process

Holly starts each piece by modelling forms in wax, then casting them in a locally made eco-resin. Whether creating sculptures of animals, or portraits of figures, eco-resin gives Holly’s art a unique translucent quality that resembles wax, but is stronger and allows freedom in design. Holly herself pioneered this method and continues to experiment with the medium to create a host of colours, forms and textures in her work.

Selected Works

Ladder Riders I

Sculpture - 25x23 cm

Ladder Riders II

Sculpture - 27x23 cm

Ladder Riders

Sculpture - 27x46 cm

Nature Spirit Rider XIV

Sculpture - 19x15 cm

Chair Rider II

Sculpture - 17x13 cm

Chair Rider I

Sculpture - 18x13 cm

Chair Riders

Sculpture - 18x30 cm

O Riders

Sculpture - 8x14 cm

Running O

Sculpture - 9x11 cm

King Chariot

Sculpture - 15x19 cm

King Carriers

Sculpture - 26x26 cm

Horse I

Sculpture - 12x9 cm

Rocking-Horse Rider III

Sculpture - 18x13 cm

Rocking-Horse Rider I

Sculpture - 15x12 cm

The Rocking-Horse Winner

Sculpture - 20x14 cm

Bizarre Creature Riders

Sculpture - 19x40 cm

Bizarre Creature Rider I

Sculpture - 13x12 cm

Bizarre Creature Rider II

Sculpture - 20x11 cm

Bizarre Creature Rider III

Sculpture - 16x11 cm

Women on Round Creatures

Sculpture - 14x50 cm

Commission an artwork by Holly Bennett

We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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