Helen J Young

Helen J Young works in mixed media on boards ranging from A1 to 5’ x 6’ size.
Helen's art is influenced by Anselm Kiefer’s use of materials and Eduard Anikonov’s painting style.
Helen uses flat images such as photographs and print, then adds textured ingredients including acrylic paint, polyfilla, glue, ash, and textile.

Helen Young is a British artist who is a member of the Oxford Art Society. She works in mixed media to create bold abstract works that are thickly textured. Usually Helen begins making sketches and taking photographs and then builds up layers with oil paint mixed with a cold wax medium. These can be scratched into to reveal the colour beneath. We love the artist’s lively colours and the way she foregrounds texture. These are powerful pieces that will draw the attention of all in the room…

The artist initially went to Wolverhampton Polytechnic to study for a BA in Textile Design then later gained a First Class honours BA in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes. She has since exhibited her work at galleries and art festivals across the UK.

One of Helen’s latest works, which was inspired by a trip to the snowy Himalayas was shortlisted for the 2016 HIX Award. Also, three of her works have been selected to go on the hoardings at the new Battersea Power Station Development.in 2017.

Selected Works

Cluster II by Helen J Young

Cluster II

Paintings - 30x30 cm
Terra Incognita V by Helen J Young

Terra Incognita V

Paintings - 80x61 cm
A Thousand Snowstorms by Helen J Young

A Thousand Snowstorms

Paintings - 110x150 cm
Glacial Fragments VI by Helen J Young

Glacial Fragments VI

Paintings - 61x84 cm
Polar Fragments VI by Helen J Young

Polar Fragments VI

Paintings - 31x31 cm
Polar Fragments III by Helen J Young

Polar Fragments III

Paintings - 31x31 cm
Traces III by Helen J Young

Traces III

Paintings - 51x51 cm
Traces II by Helen J Young

Traces II

Paintings - 51x51 cm
Traces I by Helen J Young

Traces I

Paintings - 51x51 cm
Cluster VI by Helen J Young

Cluster VI

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Cluster V

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Green Leaves of Summer

Paintings - 31x31 cm

Sky Dragon

Paintings - 50x70 cm

Glacial blue III

Paintings - 51x41 cm

Glacial Blue I

Paintings - 51x41 cm

Weathered Prayers

Paintings - 40x50 cm

Terra Incognita III

Paintings - 42x60 cm

Glacial Fragments VII

Paintings - 61x84 cm

Terra Incognita VII

Paintings - 60x42 cm

Glacial Fragments III

Paintings - 51x51 cm

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