A graduate of the Beaux Arts in Marseille, Maryse Tyenkel Ronel called Masa Zodros made the decision after twenty years in the field of training to devote herself full time to her passion: photography. She offers portraits of women and men of Afro-urban culture with inlaid of wax, traditional fabric, symbols, linked to the renewal of African spirituality.

In her search for meaning, to all that she could live as a black person, she now turns to African spirituality and at her origins. She highlights Afro men and women descendants: artist, musician, choreographer, model and simple individual who, in their work and their way of being, are inspired and inspire the modernity of Afro culture.

She aspires to a work of reconstruction and revaluation of bodies and minds. Masa is now part of the very popular black art in the United States. Her digital photographs are offered in fine hahnemûhle art or printing on canvas.

Selected Works

l'Aristocratie au sang bleu by Masa ZODROS

l'Aristocratie au sang bleu

Digital - 150x87 cm
Un goût de paradis by Masa ZODROS

Un goût de paradis

Photography - 206x120 cm
Jeunes nobles by Masa ZODROS

Jeunes nobles

Photography - 160x158 cm
black Adam by Masa ZODROS

black Adam

Photography - 206x120 cm
Le mensonge by Masa ZODROS

Le mensonge

Photography - 74x46 cm
Le palais des glaces by Masa ZODROS

Le palais des glaces

Photography - 80x76 cm
Jeune femme aux yeux clairs by Masa ZODROS

Jeune femme aux yeux clairs

Photography - 52x40 cm
Ce que nous sommes by Masa ZODROS

Ce que nous sommes

Photography - 115x90 cm
Le commencement by Masa ZODROS

Le commencement

Prints - 200x130 cm
Magnificence version 2 by Masa ZODROS

Magnificence version 2

Photography - 117x110 cm

Message à Montesquieu

Photography - 117x100 cm

Le crepuscule des Dieux

Photography - 144x150 cm

Memory blackmoor jewels

Prints - 140x100 cm

Le rêve d'Isis

Photography - 114x80 cm

Le roi danse

Photography - 126x80 cm

La reine noire

Photography - 68x59 cm

La forêt magique

Photography - 60x70 cm

soleil levant

Photography - 84x90 cm

No justice no peace

Photography - 158x100 cm

Black sisters

Photography - 58x76 cm

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