Matthew Farrar


Through an apprenticeship straight from school, Matthew Farrar developed his relationship with the lens and made his new home in the dark rooms beneath the old victorian railway station in Brighton, England.

The relationship took an early twist as opportunities arose in his other love of music. His journey took him through many of the worlds greatest cities and the need to document his travels came to the fore, giving rise to a long awaited reunion with photography in it’s shiny new digital form.

His work is an insight into how the eyes feed his mind, the deconstruction of structure into patterns and geometric form. A world of aesthetic values highlighted by shape and shadow, liquid and colour. We are granted access to perspectives that may otherwise have been missed. His abstractions show a clear distinction from photojournalism in the artistic approach to his composition. Minimalism, drawn and framed from the lure of colour and form, he cuts bold and striking segments from the pallet of all that is in front of him. Through his travels, the artist takes every moment to document the world as it flashes past. The varied landscape of cultures, through time zones of tradition and method. He shows us that everything we see around us has been designed and constructed with a purpose and a vision. There is art in everything. It is in the building blocks of our cities and speaks loudly of what has been, and indeed inspires what is yet to come.

Selected Works

The Comet by Matthew Farrar

The Comet

Photography - 61x43 cm
The Drop by Matthew Farrar

The Drop

Photography - 61x43 cm
The Sea Beneath by Matthew Farrar

The Sea Beneath

Photography - 76x114 cm
The Breeze by Matthew Farrar

The Breeze

Photography - 61x61 cm
The Ace by Matthew Farrar

The Ace

Photography - 76x51 cm
Waiting In The Rain by Matthew Farrar

Waiting In The Rain

Photography - 91x61 cm
A Burst of Spring by Matthew Farrar

A Burst of Spring

Photography - 76x51 cm
A Twist of Green by Matthew Farrar

A Twist of Green

Photography - 76x51 cm
The Flower Within by Matthew Farrar

The Flower Within

Photography - 76x51 cm
Sky Light by Matthew Farrar

Sky Light

Photography - 76x50 cm

Purple Patch

Photography - 76x51 cm

White Rose

Photography - 76x51 cm

Red Flower

Photography - 76x51 cm

Where The Love Is

Photography - 76x51 cm

Downtown Sunset

Photography - 76x51 cm

Toronto Concrete

Photography - 76x51 cm

Heavenly Swim

Photography - 119x81 cm

Ascension Swim

Photography - 119x81 cm

The Spirit Soars

Photography - 119x81 cm

The Sky Is The Limit

Photography - 119x81 cm

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