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        Female Photographers

        Discover female Photographers online. Peruse an array of emerging and critically acclaimed female Photographers, such as Gina Soden, Marianne Nix, and Kimberly Poppe, who specialise in a variety of different styles and subjects including Surrealist, Abstract and Landscape Photography.

        Gina Soden and her realist shots of abandoned buildings are odes to the passage of time and the beauty of decay. Her portfolio, which contains powerful visuals like *Grand Nouveau, allows viewers a rare glimpse of architecture and once-inhabited spaces that they never would have seen otherwise.

        Jenny Boot is a Surrealist photographer whose portraits are as alluring as they are elusive. Bandage Mickey, as an example, provokes awe and discomfort in equal measure by playing on themes of sexuality and nostalgic-childhood icons.

        Using Surrealist and Documentary photographs, Lena Szankay](/artist/66403/szankay) records the impact of human life on nature and vice versa. I’ll Be Your Mirror demonstrates the narrative quality of her work as well as her interest in universal experiences and local identities. In contrast, Sky Landscape scene Path plays with light, dark and space exposing how architecture shapes human life in unprecedented ways.

        Mixed-media artist Marianne Nix is known for her alternative photorealistic shots which have been exhibited worldwide. The photographer combines photography, digital tools, traditional printmaking, oil paint glazes and impasto to share unconventional perspectives of nature and landscapes. Marianne characteristically features digitally enhanced botanical leaves and specimens in her work, such as the cyanotype photograph Sultry Blues.

        Also interested in botany and nature is Arist Kimberly Poppe whose work is a fusion of styles such as Abstract, Impressionsim and Contemplative Photography. Kimberly’s background as a meditation teacher is translated through her calming oeuvre which is suffused with gentle seascapes and sunsets. Her long exposures like Fading and Dancing On The Horizon, both colour photographic prints on aluminium, are incredibly soothing to perceive.

        To discover more top-rated female photographers, use our helpful subject, medium and style filters to guide you through your search.

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          Chloe McCarrick

          United Kingdom
          B. 1983

          Zena Holloway

          United Kingdom
          B. 1973

          Tabitha Soren

          United States
          B. 1967

          Gina Soden

          United Kingdom
          B. 1985