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Lexi Laine


Lexi Laine is based on the south coast of the UK and specialises in creating ethereal underwater photography in some of the most unique and pristine locations around the globe. Works responding to the human impact on the marine environment can be seen throughout the artist’s portfolio. Influences of historical painting, mythology and folklore can also often be found in her images. Lexi enjoys explorations of surreal contradictions, blurring boundaries and using photography as a means to create otherworldly, emotive art.

She has spent several years training as a freediver in order to extend the amount of time she can stay underwater. Rather than using scuba equipment, Lexi chooses instead to undertake all of her work on a single breath hold. More often than not her photographs depict a single female or multiple women, featuring highly skilled freedivers as the subjects.

Lexi studied BA Fine Art at UCA (University for the Creative Arts) Canterbury in 2001-2004 and since graduating has been building her career as a photographer and artist. In 2020 Lexi was awarded the winner of The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Photography Award. In 2019 Lexi was featured in a behind the scenes documentary commissioned by Sony. Lexi’s work has been featured in multiple publications including The Times, The Telegraph, Professional Photo Magazine and Art Seen.

Selected Works


Photography - 102x102 cm

Passages I

Photography - 102x102 cm

Passages II

Photography - 102x102 cm

Passages III

Photography - 102x102 cm


Photography - 106x76 cm

Single Use Planet

Photography - 59x84 cm


Photography - 101x101 cm

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