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        Documentary Photography For Sale

        Discover documentary photography for sale. Showcasing art from some of the most exciting documentary photographers active today, our collection is ever-evolving with vibrant, powerful pieces. Browse today to find documentary photograph for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. Not sure where to start? Explore our popular impressionistic or surrealist documentary photography.

        Andrew Lever scours the world looking to capture the essence of an environment or subject. His piece MANCHESTER TWINS (2011) does just that through image’s the playful composition and posing. We love the authenticity found in Lever’s documentary photography and believe his work would be a beautiful accent to any space.

        Much of Pedro Correa work is concerned with documenting the ambience of space. Correa’s photographs are particularly interested in the binary of indoor/outdoor. Interior spaces are haunted by exterior objects; a hovering taxi cab or the atmospheric condensation left by a rainy afternoon.

        Documentary photography is a form of photography that chronicles historical events, timely environments or simply the reality of everyday life. For as long as photography has existed as an artistic medium, documentary photography has almost always been practiced. Early historical events like the dissolution of Crystal Palace in 1854 were recorded by British photographer Philip Delamotte. However documentary photography can also ask its audience to re-evaluate the artistic value within familiar scenes.

        Find out more in our Guide To Photography.

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          showing 35 pieces

          The taste of Strawberries

          Photography - 80x120 cmRent for $ 285/mo


          Photography - 120x80 cmRent for $ 230/mo

          Piano Lady

          Photography - 120x80 cmRent for $ 310/mo

          Frau Goerli

          Photography - 100x150 cmRent for $ 245/mo

          Heaven Burning

          Photography - 120x80 cmRent for $ 295/mo

          Resilience- Dancer: Beryl #45.1

          Photography - 76x101 cmRent for $ 85/mo

          Wooden Cab

          Photography - 180x120 cmRent for $ 460/mo


          Photography - 100x100 cm


          Photography - 32x50 cm


          Photography - 100x100 cmRent for $ 285/mo


          Photography - 102x76 cmRent for $ 80/mo

          Self portrait #25 ( 50 x 76 cm )

          Photography - 50x76 cmRent for $ 70/mo

          Balloon #10 - ( 50 x 76 cm)

          Photography - 51x76 cmRent for $ 72/mo

          Walking by

          Photography - 32x52 cm

          Thank you, Gorbi

          Photography - 53x80 cm

          Concert in Goerlitzer Park, Summer 1989

          Photography - 42x60 cmRent for $ 105/mo

          Lake Garda

          Photography - 61x41 cm

          shaolin Monk - 50 x 76 cm

          Photography - 50x76 cmRent for $ 70/mo


          Photography - 102x102 cmRent for $ 80/mo


          Photography - 76x51 cmRent for $ 75/mo

          Resilience - Dancer: Beryl #15

          Photography - 51x76 cmRent for $ 75/mo

          resilience - Dancer: Beryl #12

          Photography - 51x76 cmRent for $ 75/mo


          Photography - 76x51 cmRent for $ 75/mo

          Lost in Transition

          Photography - 61x46 cmRent for $ 90/mo


          Photography - 76x51 cmRent for $ 72/mo


          Photography - 102x76 cmRent for $ 75/mo

          VIETNAM STORIES 20.

          Photography - 127x127 cmRent for $ 120/mo

          FESTIVAL DAY

          Photography - 51x76 cmRent for $ 70/mo

          Fun and Fair 1

          Photography - 43x28 cmRent for $ 75/mo

          SAPA SOCCER 2.

          Photography - 84x119 cmRent for $ 75/mo