Tomas Cambas

Tomas Cambas studied photography at the University of Buenos Aires and the prestigious David Beniluz School of Photography.
Tomas unique artistic language is influenced by Russian Constructivism and the works of Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Alexander Rodtchenko and Bern & Hilla Becher.
Tomas teached a number of workshops in Buenos Aires, including Introduction to photography and Photography developing techniques.


2002-2007 Buenos Aires National College (Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, CNBA) 2008 – 2011 Image and Sound Design, Buenos Aires University (UBA) 2011 – 2013 Photography in David Beniluz´s Phtography School, specialized in Lab. 2013 – The present moment. History of Art, Buenos Aires University (UBA)


2008: “Introduction to photography” 2008: “Studio lighting” 2009: “ Special processes in the lab” 2010: “Framing workshop” 2012-2013 “ Photography as contemporary art” 2014- 2015 Artistic work clinic dictated by Eduardo Gil 2016 – 2017 Artistic work clinic by Juan Travnik 2017-2018 Artistic work clinic by Alberto Goldenstein 2018-2019 Artistic work clinic by Santiago Porter 2020 Artistic work clinic by Walter Barrios


2014: Selected for the prize “Francisco Ayerza” from the National Academy of Arts (ANBA) 2015: Idem 2016: Selected for the price ¨Premio Itaú de Artes Visuales¨ 2017: Selected for the prize “Francisco Ayerza” from the National Academy of Arts (ANBA) 2018: Selected for the prize ¨Arte x Arte¨ Luz y Castillo Foundation 2018: Selected for the prize ¨Luz del Norte¨ (Mexico) 2019: Selected for the prize UNNE (Corrientes, Argentina).

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