Johannes Agboifo


Johannes is a black British art student Based in North London. Currently studying architecture whilst freelancing in photography, videography, and filmmaking. His work primarily focuses on fashion and street photography, analogue and digital videography some of which are featured in this portfolio alongside commissioned shoots for various brands. His personal projects are street photography, artistic documentaries on debauchery and hedonism in the life of everyday London youth, and creative short films one of which placed top three at the Bomb factory art foundation artist film foundation where it will be screened. He is also a self-taught musician and DJ blending a fusion of sounds hailing from North London and West Africa where his references and influences originate.

Selected Works

Fun and Fair 2 by Johannes Agboifo

Fun and Fair 2

Photography - 43x28 cm
Fun and Fair 1 by Johannes Agboifo

Fun and Fair 1

Photography - 43x28 cm
Lost in Transition by Johannes Agboifo

Lost in Transition

Photography - 61x46 cm

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