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Lena Szankay


Lena Szankay uses images as communication tools; as a means of social and aesthetic observation. Here artistic work takes both the form of photographs and moving images, often including archive material and text integrated into a multilayered structure. Her oeuvre thematizes the different representations of impermanence, vulnerability, human life and its constant transformation. Objects and places are presented as signifiers of identity and historical turning points. She intends to highlight the connection between the taming of nature and the rejection of an anthropocentric vision. The fertile ground of the fantasy tale is, to her, the best possible strategy when approaching what is real, to tackle subtleness, decoding idiosyncrasies and scrutinize the unconscious. A central concern of Lenas artistic self-expression revolves around questioning the medium and distribution of photography itself. Szankay often presents her work in public spaces, producing freely accessible copies of multiples to challenge the idea of limited editions and their circulation in art markets. The objective beneath this practice is to draw the public’s attention to the connections between an image, its reproduction and its distribution.

September 2021 Press about Site Specific Artwork in Patagonia: https://linktr.ee/lenasz


Selected Works

Frau Goerli

Photography - 100x150 cm

Thank you, Gorbi

Photography - 53x80 cm

Love is everywhere

Photography - 100x100 cm

The Wall Falls

Photography - 20x30 cm

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