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        Margarete Schrüfer has found an unusual way to express herself artistically: she folds paper in the classic origami technique. With Margarete Schrüfer, paper takes on an expanded meaning. In her works, it becomes a material that, through her artful folds, becomes a picture itself as well as, with many small individual parts, an installation that fills a room. She studied at the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts as a master student of Ottmar Hörl and has since exhibited her works in art associations, galleries and museums throughout Germany and Europe.

        In her work, the conceptual artist deals intensively with nature. By transforming natural forms such as flowers and leaves, she creates exciting irritations in photographs. Schrüfer works in the space between reality and fiction. The staging of her structures, their detail, the accuracy and the sometimes thousands of always identical forms in the installations - she creates all this in highly concentrated, soon contemplative work.

        By photographing and superimposing the individual folding steps, she introduces motion blur as another component into the works. Poetic impressions emerge, which charmingly question reality with their multi-layered contents. Margarete Schrüfer's works are never loud, never obtrusive, but sensitive and beautiful.

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