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Gulja Holland


Ġulja Holland is an emerging artist whose practice is largely figurative and expressionistic. Holland's psychologically charged work explores themes of aesthetics and identity and her experimental style draws from her exposure to different fields including fashion and photography. Recent portraiture seeks to move from its representative constraints through the passage of movement and abstraction of form. Through the use of tentative brushstrokes, abstract fields of color, the artist strives to shatter formal associations and expose the fragility and instability of our subjective realities. Having recently graduated from Leeds College of Art with Honors, Holland works full time as an artist and currently lives in Malta where she continues to participate in both local and international exhibitions.

Selected Works


Photography - 60x60 cm


Photography - 60x60 cm


Paintings - 55x55 cm

Ego II.

Paintings - 98x98 cm


Photography - 120x120 cm

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