Gina Soden

Gina Soden won UK Artist of The Year and Photographer of the Year in 2018.
Gina was commissioned to produce work for Soho House in New York, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam.
Gina exhibited in 100 Artists for Pride at the Brighton Arts Festival.

British photographer Gina Soden is drawn to capturing derelict architecture and abandoned interiors. She reflects the stillness of forgotten worlds in a realistic and authentic style. The remnants of grand settings and intricately designed structures dominate Gina’s work as she draws focus to the beauty that can be found in desolate scenes. Although for the most part Gina’s settings are largely unknown, there is an enduring sense of nostalgia about her choice of subject. The reference to the past - a past of grandeur and opulence - enhances the wistful mood of Gina’s images.

Gina Soden’s Career

Gina has always been passionate about photography, and studied Photography and Multimedia at Thames Valley University in Reading before moving to London. For the last 10 years, Gina’s work has gained recognition from some of the most prominent art awards and institutions. After winning The Naylor Award for the Finest Photograph in The National Open Art Competition, she was featured in BBC One’s show, Inside Out. From here, it’s been success after success for Gina, showing internationally at The Other Art Fair, Pulse Art Fair and The London Art Fair, amongst many more.


Recently Gina took part in the Archaeologies exhibitions at Charlie Smith Gallery. Along with two other artists, the exhibition focused on the processed-led practice of photography, and the unique methods that go into creating a piece of art. Showing some of Gina’s mixed media pieces, the exhibition’s curator, Zavier Ellis, shone a light on the recent developments of Gina’s printing process. For this exhibition, Gina printed images of her interiors onto found objects such as mirrors.

Selected Works

Atrium by Gina Soden


Photography - 92x74 cm
Engrenages by Gina Soden


Photography - 74x109 cm
Isolamento by Gina Soden


Photography - 74x109 cm
Salle D'Etude by Gina Soden

Salle D'Etude

Photography - 74x109 cm
Klinik by Gina Soden


Photography - 43x63 cm
Blue Orphanage by Gina Soden

Blue Orphanage

Photography - 46x46 cm
Chiesa Turchese by Gina Soden

Chiesa Turchese

Photography - 80x80 cm
Ovalis by Gina Soden


Photography - 74x109 cm
Chambre Dégradé by Gina Soden

Chambre Dégradé

Photography - 74x109 cm
Battersea Power Station: Control Room A by Gina Soden


Photography - 74x109 cm


Photography - 74x109 cm


Photography - 161x119 cm


Photography - 74x109 cm


Photography - 74x109 cm


Photography - 109x74 cm


Photography - 74x109 cm


Photography - 43x63 cm


Photography - 80x80 cm


Photography - 93x93 cm

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