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      Photographer and painter Ziesook You is interested in the coexistence of humankind and nature.
      Ziesook’s ‘Scent of Broq-pa’ series respects the symbolism of flowers in Nepalese culture and captures the ephemeral beauty of nature.
      Ziesook has exhibited worldwide.

      Ziesook You examines the coexistence of humankind and nature through charming photographic series, paintings and video installations. Ziesook stands out for her consistently delicate compositions which tenderly explore time, space, nature and light.

      Ziesook You’s Inspiration and Style

      The artist received her MFA from the Seoul Women’s University in 2002 and has since been teaching contemporary art and video art and techniques at universities and graduate schools. Her photorealist project, Scent of Broq-pa, sensitively explores the meaning of love and happiness in Broq-pa, a small village in Nepal. Through intimate visual layering and compression techniques, Ziesook creates an exquisite floral aesthetic. Her bright prints bloom with colour and vitality and are an ode to the ephemeral beauty of nature. Her ability to truly connect and emphasise with her subjects and their stories also radiates from her pieces.

      Collections and Exhibitions

      Ziesook has exhibited several times in Korea, where she was born and raised. Currently based in Dallas, the artist now enjoys transcontinental solo and group exhibitions. She presents work in Australia, Iceland, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, France, the Netherlands and the United States. In addition to Scent of Broq-pa, other popular projects include a video diary of her family and 10 Years Self-Portrait - both made using time flowing and compression techniques.

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