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        Animal Photography For Sale

        Discover animal photography for sale online today. Celebrating everything from the common house cat to the majestic elephant, these photographers have mastered composition and light to bring you animal photographs that make a real impact. Browse our selection today and buy animal photography to begin or expand your art collection, or take a look at other mediums such as Animal Paintings or Animal Drawings.

        Louisa Seton is a photographer who was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Having spent much of her early years exploring the most remote parts of the country with her father, her work is a celebration of the natural beauty of African landscapes, people and animals. Seton’s animal photography showcases some of the world’s most impressive animals in their natural habitat, and these images are at once impactful and quietly beautiful.

        Forget everything you know about animal photography before taking a look at the fantastical world of Miguel Vallinas Prieto. This Spanish photographer produced a series called ‘Second Skins’, where a selection of different animals are dressed up in human clothing to pose for a portrait. The photographs are captivating and somewhat unsettling in their resemblance to real human portraits. These works are an exploration of the animalistic side of human nature, and serve as a reminder that we are not so far removed from our four-legged companions.

        From our beloved pets to wild beasts, animals have always been a central subject in the world of art. Even the earliest cave paintings feature creatures alongside humans, and this tradition has continued to the modern day. What’s more, with the advent of photography, these images have become faster to produce and therefore much more widespread. These pictures capture the beauty of animals, our relationship and companionship with them, as well as their more mysterious and untameable side.

        The first photographs of animals started to pop up in the early 19th century, when wealthy pet owners and collectors of exotic beasts started to direct their lenses towards their furry and feathered friends. In the early days of photography this posed a challenge, as it was difficult to get animals to sit still for the duration of the portrait. As photography techniques advanced and exposure times reduced, more and more photographs with animal subjects started to appear.

        Throughout the 20th century, wildlife photography grew in popularity. National Geographic published its first wildlife photographs in 1906, and since then this art form has become one of the most popular and widely accessible in the world. Michael Aw is one of the world’s most famous wildlife photographers today, and his beautifully saturated images give a glimpse into life under the surface of the sea. Not only are they visually stunning, but these photographs are used to support conservation movements, a demonstration of the power of art to sway opinions and draw attention to important issues.

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          Three Crows (medium size)

          Photography - 90x74 cm

          We Met In The Sky

          Photography - 110x196 cm


          Photography - 80x120 cm

          Puffins 1

          Photography - 95x76 cm

          I Can Hear You Call

          Photography - 100x180 cmRent for $ 535/mo

          Baha Mar Flamingo

          Photography - 95x69 cmRent for $ 225/mo

          Corfu Cats

          Photography - 33x22 cm

          TAXONOMY I

          Photography - 92x72 cm

          Puffins 3

          Photography - 76x95 cm


          Photography - 30x45 cm

          TAXONOMY III

          Photography - 92x72 cm

          Ice cap

          Photography - 45x30 cm

          The Way to Dusty Death

          Photography - 51x76 cmRent for $ 85/mo

          TAXONOMY II

          Photography - 92x72 cm

          The Water Hole

          Photography - 45x45 cmRent for $ 65/mo

          Until You Wake Up

          Photography - 110x175 cm

          Bear With Me

          Photography - 130x212 cm

          Holes In The Sky

          Photography - 165x110 cm

          Oh Deer

          Photography - 101x76 cm