Louisa Seton


Louisa’s work explores the line between fine art, portrait, and documentary photography. Best known for her portraits of women in Africa she powerfully enhances indigenous culture with humanitarian visual storytelling.

Louisa was raised in Nairobi, Kenya surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultural diversity that has informed her creative expression. Her collection of portraits and wildlife highlights Louisa’s love for Africa and reveals the remarkable beauty of people truly engaged with their natural environment. Her black and white images reflect an intimacy in her subjects that leaves one with a deep sense of nostalgia for times gone by.

Louisa studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, South Africa, majoring in Photography. She has gone on to successfully exhibit and publish her work globally.

Selected Works

Proud Turkana - mixed media sepia by Louisa Seton

Proud Turkana - mixed media sepia

Photography - 97x81 cm
Basket by Louisa Seton


Photography - 105x70 cm
Suri Tribe Clay Pot – Ethiopia by Louisa Seton

Suri Tribe Clay Pot – Ethiopia

Photography - 105x70 cm
Young Pokot by Louisa Seton

Young Pokot

Photography - 105x70 cm
Mbili  by Louisa Seton


Photography - 60x90 cm
Watch Strap by Louisa Seton

Watch Strap

Photography - 90x60 cm
Malaika by Louisa Seton


Photography - 90x60 cm
Simba - Lion  by Louisa Seton

Simba - Lion

Photography - 105x70 cm
Mother and Calf by Louisa Seton

Mother and Calf

Photography - 70x105 cm
Profile Dassanech  by Louisa Seton

Profile Dassanech

Photography - 105x70 cm

Hamer Tribe Girl - Ethiopia

Photography - 106x70 cm

Hamer Tribe Woman - Ethiopia

Photography - 105x70 cm

Portrait - Young Hamer Girl

Photography - 105x70 cm

Mursi Tribe - AK47

Photography - 91x66 cm


Photography - 105x70 cm


Photography - 105x70 cm

Mara Elephants

Photography - 36x102 cm

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