Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka has earned over 80 international photography awards.
Martin has exhibited in prestigious galleries such as Getty Images Gallery and Saatchi Gallery.
Martin is self-taught and received no formal photography education.

Born in 1984 in the Czech Republic, Martin Stranka is a self-taught photographer who is based in the country’s capital, Prague. Martin has a unique and unmistakable brand of Digital Photography, depicting dreamlike moments that explore the human condition and our relationship to the nature and animals that surround us. His Surrealist Photography shines a different light on the world around us, creating fantastical scenes that seem to be straight out of a storybook and twisting our perceptions of reality.

Martin Stranka’s Career

Martin came to photography via an unconventional route, and he originally went to university to study business. It wasn’t until the unexpected death of a close friend that he changed track completely, turning to photography as a form of therapy. This hobby eventually grew into a profession, and these days he enjoys a successful career as a photographer. Martin has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the world, including in notable galleries such as Getty Images Gallery, Saatchi Gallery and SNAP! Orlando.

Awards and Collections

Martin Stranka’s dreamy Portrait Photography and Landscape Photography has earned him international accolade, with over 80 major international photography awards under his belt. These include Professional Photographer of the Year, Nikon International Photo Contest and Prix de la Photographie Paris.

You can find out more about Martin’s vision and inspiration by reading our interview Capturing the Unreal with Martin Stranka, where we learned a little about his life and work.

Selected Works

I Am Nature by Martin Stranka

I Am Nature

Photography - 70x126 cm
On The Other Side by Martin Stranka

On The Other Side

Photography - 100x170 cm
The Escapist by Martin Stranka

The Escapist

Photography - 100x170 cm
Until You Wake Up by Martin Stranka

Until You Wake Up

Photography - 110x175 cm
I Bloom For You by Martin Stranka

I Bloom For You

Photography - 90x147 cm
Bear With Me by Martin Stranka

Bear With Me

Photography - 130x212 cm
We Met In The Sky by Martin Stranka

We Met In The Sky

Photography - 110x196 cm
We Found Shelter by Martin Stranka
Circle Of Life by Martin Stranka

Circle Of Life

Photography - 130x220 cm
Holes In The Sky by Martin Stranka

Holes In The Sky

Photography - 150x100 cm

I Can Hear You Call

Photography - 100x180 cm

I Found The Silence

Photography - 110x110 cm

I Wish I Was Special

Photography - 130x130 cm


Photography - 103x200 cm

Far From The Rivers

Photography - 70x70 cm

Everytime You Go

Photography - 110x110 cm


Photography - 100x100 cm

It Is You

Photography - 117x70 cm

Somebody Told Me This Is Real

Photography - 100x100 cm

Wait A Little Longer

Photography - 100x100 cm

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