Oscar Carrasco


Award-winning visual artist Óscar Carrasco (1976, Barcelona) lives and works in Andalusia, Spain.

From the beginning, his multidisciplinary work reflects an ecological awareness and a dreamlike vision of time, memory and chaos.

One of the great renovators of the Urbex movement. He is internationally recognised for his impressive photographic works on in many abandoned places of the world. Forgotten and forbidden locations, stopped in time, in which he often clandestinely infiltrates.

In his strange and romantic atmospheres, there is a certain light that borders on the mystical and an ode to the beauty of decadence. His gaze is dehumanized and ethereal, a different point of view that make us doubt between what is real and what is impossible. It is his photography-architecture dialectic, his disturbing poetics of space.

His most experimental work evolves exploring new paths combining photography, video art and digital media with which he keeps reflecting on the decomposition of the landscape, the points of no return, the sublime return of the organic world.

In essence, Óscar Carrasco is a polyhedral and visionary artist. He has received more than 150 national and international awards in the last 20 years. His artworks have been acquired by prominent private and public collections worldwide and have been exhibited in the most prestigious art fairs such as ZONAMACO, ARTEBA, PARIS PHOTO, HIPA DUBAI, ARCO and SH Shanghai Contemporary Art, among others.

Selected Works

Divine Silence by Oscar Carrasco

Divine Silence

Photography - 120x140 cm
Valdeiglesias by Oscar Carrasco


Photography - 140x132 cm
Rochendaal by Oscar Carrasco


Photography - 120x140 cm
La Maison by Oscar Carrasco

La Maison

Photography - 120x140 cm
Fear & Love by Oscar Carrasco

Fear & Love

Photography - 120x140 cm
Sleeping Beauty's chapel by Oscar Carrasco

Sleeping Beauty's chapel

Photography - 120x140 cm
Momentum by Oscar Carrasco


Photography - 104x150 cm
Power Plant by Oscar Carrasco

Power Plant

Photography - 104x150 cm

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