David Gilliver

David has had solo exhibitions across Scotland and The Channel Islands.
Off the success of his Little People photographs, David has created a Star Wars series.
David uses everyday objects such as cans, toothpicks and eggs in his photography.

Glasgow-based artist David Gilliver specialises in long-exposure photography and macro photography to create surrealist images. David’s process is intricate and extensive, often requiring him to create in the dark of night whilst working with artificial light sources. David is frequently in his photographs, as an abstract form in the image’s backdrop, or a colour block frozen in time. David’s art is unique in its attention to detail, he designs and plans each image whilst instilling his process with an element of spontaneity.

David Gilliver’s Education and Career

David graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2001 with a degree in Fine Art Photography, and since then has worked as a professional photographer. David’s fantastical and colourful style has caught the eye of many clients, and he recently completed two collections of photographs for Aida Cruises. Adapting his Little People series, David created an original selection of photographs of miniature figurines in bizarre and wondrous settings

The Little People Series

The Little People series is one of David’s most famous collections to date. The hugely popular series has made its way to publications across the world, including New York Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. The surreal settings that David creates are injected with humour and energy as he places 2cm figures on edible objects such as sweets, sweetcorn and broccoli. The arbitrary nature of David’s photographs and his playful manipulation of scale makes for images with a narrative that invites an open interpretation.

Find out more about the artist’s process and read our Q&A with David Gilliver here.

Selected Works

Hide & Seek by David Gilliver

Hide & Seek

Photography - 30x45 cm
Office Workout by David Gilliver

Office Workout

Photography - 30x45 cm
Wine EMERGENCY! by David Gilliver


Photography - 30x45 cm
Mini Master Chef by David Gilliver

Mini Master Chef

Photography - 30x45 cm
The finishing tape by David Gilliver

The finishing tape

Photography - 30x45 cm
Shorthenge by David Gilliver


Photography - 30x45 cm
Hole in 1 by David Gilliver

Hole in 1

Photography - 30x45 cm
5, 6, pick up sticks by David Gilliver

5, 6, pick up sticks

Photography - 30x45 cm
Hogging the remote by David Gilliver

Hogging the remote

Photography - 30x45 cm
A little wine tasting by David Gilliver

A little wine tasting

Photography - 30x45 cm

Boosters, READY!

Photography - 45x30 cm

Summer Vacation 2021

Photography - 30x45 cm

Vegetarian Kebab

Photography - 45x30 cm

A dive into the unknown

Photography - 45x30 cm

Ginger Reef

Photography - 30x45 cm


Photography - 30x45 cm

Ice cap

Photography - 45x30 cm

Just the tip of the iceberg

Photography - 45x30 cm

The last forest

Photography - 30x45 cm


Photography - 30x45 cm

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