Miguel Vallinas Prieto


Madrid based photographer Miguel Vallinas Prieto began his ‘Second Skins’ series with the intention of ‘investigating the animal in us all’. This whimsical photo series sees various animals dressed in contemporary outfits, posing as typical human models would. The clothes appear to match their personalities, acting as a true second skin. Unsurprisingly, Miguel didn’t actually wrestle a roll-neck onto a swan or sweet-talk a hippopotamus into donning a Barbour. The taxidermied specimens are photographed in various museums and private collections, while each outfit is modelled by volunteers in Miguel’s studio. The two images are then spliced together by the artist.

Selected Works

Pashik Number Eleven by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Pashik Number Eleven

Prints - 70x50 cm
Killy Number Thirty Nine by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Killy Number Thirty Nine

Prints - 70x50 cm
Juana Number Eight by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Juana Number Eight

Prints - 70x50 cm
Ganesha Number Thirty Two by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Ganesha Number Thirty Two

Prints - 70x50 cm
Asia Number Eighteen by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Asia Number Eighteen

Prints - 70x50 cm
Scrabble Number 19 by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Scrabble Number 19

Photography - 50x50 cm
Wool Number 17 by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Wool Number 17

Photography - 50x50 cm
Sweets Number 29 by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Sweets Number 29

Photography - 50x50 cm
Raincloud Number 3 by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Raincloud Number 3

Photography - 50x50 cm
Pencils Number 1 by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Pencils Number 1

Photography - 50x50 cm

Paper Boat Number 5

Photography - 50x50 cm

Palm Trees Number 7

Photography - 50x50 cm

Dinosaur Number 6

Photography - 50x50 cm

Bubbles Number 22

Photography - 50x50 cm

Balloon Number 8

Photography - 50x50 cm

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