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Irene Hoff

Irene Hoff is represented in galleries across the US, Europe and Indonesia.
Human emotion and animal extinction are two central themes in Irene’s art.
Irene often uses paper patterns and old street posters in her art.

Dutch artist Irene Hoff creates colourful mixed media portraits of female figures. Currently residing in Bali, Irene takes constant inspiration from the beauty of the nature and culture that surrounds her. Irene’s practice is varied and throughout her career, she has painted animals, still lifes and portraits. Centring her art around themes of human emotion, love and compassion, Irene creates large scale paintings to conjure up emotion and understanding in her viewers. Irene’s work has achieved international success, showing across Europe, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.

Irene Hoff and ‘Innertotem’

The Innertotem movement reflects Irene Hoff’s desire to encourage connection, community and care, and is aimed at restoring a sense of balance through visual art. Some pieces contain typography, whilst others are centred around image. The driving force to this collection is the push to reawaken the female consciousness.


Irene’s series, Innerscape showcases a collection of acrylic and mixed media portraits. Each of her subjects are women with colourful headpieces that symbolise their inner worlds. Characterised by floral patterns, refined detail and side profiles, Innerscape presents a deeper look at the human mind. Irene’s light and delicate palette makes for a series of paintings that are instantly captivating and subtly meditative. Magical Connection is another recent series by Irene, focused around animals and the power of the imagination.

Read more on the artist in our article, In the Studio with Irene Hoff.

Selected Works

Dancing the night away

Paintings - 42x60 cm

Boys playing

Paintings - 42x60 cm

Inside out

Paintings - 115x150 cm

Looking In

Paintings - 130x130 cm


Paintings - 90x90 cm

High Vibes

Paintings - 130x130 cm

Letting nature in

Paintings - 140x120 cm


Paintings - 110x110 cm


Paintings - 90x180 cm


Paintings - 110x110 cm


Paintings - 130x130 cm


Paintings - 140x100 cm


Paintings - 120x120 cm

Chicken On The Run

Paintings - 130x130 cm


Paintings - 55x50 cm


Paintings - 60x42 cm

Here comes the sun

Paintings - 120x100 cm


Paintings - 60x42 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm

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