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        Rob Ryan has collaborated with the likes of Vogue Magazine, Penguin Books and Paul Smith.
        Rob published his first book, ‘I Thought about it in My Head and I Felt it in My Heart But I Made it with My Hands’ with Rizzoli last year.
        Rob’s shop, RYANTOWN was featured by Time Out as a place to visit on Columbia Road.

        Born in Cyprus in 1962, Rob Ryan is one of the leading paper-based artists working today. Since graduating from The Royal College of Art where he specialised in printmaking, the now London-based artist has spent the last thirty years continuously evolving his intricate and illustrative style. Working in both collage and print, Rob’s unique approach combines his mastery of papercutting with printmaking to result in an ever-growing collection of vibrant and captivating pieces.

        Rob Ryan’s Collaborations

        Rob’s signature colourful and whimsical approach has earned him a host of commercial clients such as Vogue, Stylist, Penguin and Elle. Favoured by poets and designers alike, the versatility of Rob’s narrative-led art has resulted in an array of editorial and design-based collaborations. Rob’s range of illustrations for poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and designer Paul Smith showcases his dexterity with typography in paper.

        Exhibitions and Projects

        In the summer of 2008, Rob opened his shop, RYANTOWN on Columbia Road. Hosting everything from events, to shows, to signings and selling everything from ceramics, to skateboards, to screenprints, RYANTOWN exhibited the sheer scope of Rob’s work. Since RYANTOWN, Rob has continued to show new work in many different forms, recently taking part in Help Refugees’ collaboration with Print Club London to reimagine their iconic ‘Choose Love’ slogan. Rob’s eye-catching piece combined his playful use of colour with a spirited anecdote, epitomising his ever-evolving and enchanting storytelling style.

        Learn about Rob Ryan’s papercuts and news prints in our article exploring the artist’s creative inspirations.

        There is Only Time by Rob Ryan - Courtesy of MTA Photos

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