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Rob Ryan releases latest Paper Cut series

UK Artist Rob Ryan's work now available on Rise Art

By Rise Art | 14 Dec 2012

In Britain, Rob Ryan is rapidly becoming a household name as he has moved through collaborations with inimitable institutions such as Liberty of London, Penguin Books, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Paul Smith. His last solo show in London with TAG Fine Arts in 2010 was a sell-out, and this summer he was invited to exhibit at the Charleston Gallery in East Sussex, a haven of British art and craft that was the Bloomsbury group’s home from home.

Rob Ryan in his studio


Following his most recent shows in the US, We're excited to feature Rob Ryan's latest limited edition prints on Rise Art.

  Because I'm So Happy! by Rob Ryan     Give Me Work by Rob Ryan     Rob Ryan’s success is built on decades of hard work and careful artistic evolution. Although today he is particularly famed for his papercuts, he originally studied printmaking, a technique which remains at the centre of his work. Both disciplines present the artist with a very similar challenge: to create compositions that are artistically beautiful but also structurally sound, able to hold themselves together (in the case of papercuts, literally) across a single monochrome plane. Developing his screenprints and papercuts in tandem, the artist has emerged as a master of both, able to create whimsical, colourful silhouetted designs that belie the skill, precision and sheer patience that went into making them.     Can We? Shall We? by Rob Ryan      

Rob Ryan timelapse

  Rob Ryan's work is available now on Rise Art  

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