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        Patricia McCarthy

        Patricia MacCarthy has a background in the fashion industry, while also having also studied quantum physics and cosmology.
        Patricia is an artist, photographer, designer, poet, environmentalist, natural medical researcher, writer, researcher of eco-technology and eco living.
        Patricia's work ranges from landscapes to abstracts, floral to wildlife, that is ever evolving

        Abstract painting is the unseen expressed on colour and movement!

        It is the movement in Abstracts that gives a freedom to express the colours in my work. My favourite statement that Picasso made was, "I like to put my brush on the canvas and see where it take me". Its that traversing into another state uplifts the senses to colour and form. Humans live in an abstract world compared to nature. This inspires my work in my abstracts which I express through the colours. The many layers of living today allows glimpses in my photography. While in my landscapes it allows me focus on a view in which to escape. Lives and works in London, UK.

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