Dariusz Bulak

Polish artist Dariusz Bulak is known for his fine art, still life and product photography.
Dariusz takes inspiration from the works of French Colourists and Impressionism.
Dariusz is a self-taught artist.

Glasgow-based artist Dariusz Bulak creates spellbinding photographic prints. Combining photography and acrylic painting, Dariusz creates complex layers of imagery with bold flurries of colour and deep, rhythmic textures. Dariusz garnishes his works with a unique impressionist flavour and yet maintains a sense of realism and clarity.

Dariusz Bulak’s Inspiration and Style

Polish-born Dariusz counts Claude Monet, Caravaggio, Pierre Bonnard, the Polish Kapists and Scottish Colourists among his sources of inspiration. His striking floral still-life scenes scintillate with organic colour palettes. Brushstrokes flower the surface, suggestive of movement. Indeed, the quick dabs of paint seem to hint at traditional impressionist techniques. On closer inspection, however, the impasto-like application of colour and texture alludes to a subject framed within camera ground glass.

Limited Edition Prints

Dariusz makes all of his floral prints with high-end Museum Grade Hahnemühle Fine Art papers. Each product is one-of-a-kind and comes in a short, strictly limited series with a certificate of authenticity.

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