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Flower Prints For Sale

Discover our online gallery’s selection of flower prints for sale. Shop flower prints today and discover a wide array of styles to suit your home, ranging from abstract expressionist flower prints to illustrative flower prints. Browse our collection to find a flower print for your home or workplace.

The flowers that sprout out of Nadia Attura's desert scenes are hardy, sea anemone-like plants. In Nadia’s flower prints, the choice of washed-out colours make the viewer feel as if they are in the desert, alongside the cacti and aloe vera.

The rich and textured digital flower prints by Victoria Horkan depict flowers as wild and untamed. In The Harpist, a tornado of flowers and butterflies turns two traditionally quiet, decorative subjects into a blur of fierce colour and texture.

Rozalina Burkova captures the surreal shapes of leaves and petals. In THEY LIVED WELL vivid blues, greens and pinks are squashed together in a jumble of expressive plants, full of character.

Van Gogh’s Revival

While many artists dipped in and out of the medium, it is Vincent Van Gogh who succeeded in turning flowers into a personal motif. While the artist is best known for his famous sunflowers, throughout his life he found many different species to be a source of solace and optimism. When Van Gogh fell ill in 1889, he admitted himself to an asylum, where he stayed for one year, until 1890. It was during this period of "indescribable anguish" that he preoccupied himself painting the irises and lilacs that he could see from his room, yet he refused to taint their optimism by including the bars on his bedroom window.

As he stayed longer, Van Gogh was allowed to go outside and paint the asylum’s garden, leading to works such as Irises, a vivid painting where blue petals and green stems are warped and intertwined. As his time at the asylum came to an end, his positivity was translated into his work. In a letter to his sister Wil, he wrote: "The last days in Saint-Rémy, I worked like a madman. Great bouquets of flowers, violet-coloured irises, great bouquets of roses." Like his famous sunflowers, the roses he painted in this period are rustic not decorative; expressive and resilient.

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    Delirium (Pink)

    Prints - 84x64 cm

    Multiverse, Flowers

    Prints - 71x71 cm

    Cool White Spring

    Prints - 75x74 cm

    French Marigold

    Prints - 38x37 cmRent for $52 /mo

    Eternal Rest

    Prints - 60x60 cmRent for $70 /mo


    Prints - 75x75 cm

    Plot Red

    Prints - 60x60 cm

    Spanish Carnation

    Prints - 29x19 cmRent for $35 /mo

    Big Red (Waratah)

    Prints - 22x27 cmRent for $37 /mo

    Large Apple Blossom

    Prints - 52x42 cm

    Heavens Gate

    Prints - 75x75 cm

    Summer Wildflower

    Prints - 38x37 cmRent for $57 /mo

    Infatuation (Yellow)

    Prints - 84x64 cm