Clare Halifax

Clare Halifax is inspired by textile designer William Morris.
Clare focuses on architecture to reflect society’s evolution.
Clare created a limited edition screenprint of London’s iconic landmarks, including the V&A Museum.

East London based artist Clare Halifax creates illustrative screenprints inspired by cityscapes, scenes of nature and wildlife. Pattern and colour play an important role in giving Clare’s work a decorative and detailed appearance. Clare’s eye for aesthetic harmony instills balance and beauty in her art. Together with her refined palette, her attention to composition results in great skies or swirling patterns and seas of vibrant blues. Whether reflecting an everyday scene of city life, or zooming in on a moment in the wild, Clare’s ability to capture the character of a place makes for a collection of uniquely embellished and spirited prints.

Clare Halifax’s Education and Career

Clare graduated from Loughborough University with a BA in Printed Textile Design, before completing an MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking from University of the West of England. During her MA, Clare began developing her limited edition prints that have become her signature work. Prior to Clare’s MA and her career as a fine artist, Clare worked as a textile designer, and her experience in the fashion industry still informs the delicate patterns and styled design of her work.

Commissions and Exhibitions

Since graduating, the design-led style and patterned appearance of Clare’s work has led to commissions from the likes of V&A Museum, Tate, Liberty London, John Lewis, Coast Magazine and Farrow and Ball. Clare’s art has become established throughout the UK, showing in group shows, galleries and fairs, as well as solo exhibitions. Clare lives in Dalston, which has provided endless inspiration for her work, and currently creates her prints at the Print Club in London.

Read our Q&A In the Studio with Clare Halifax to find out more about the artist.

Selected Works

French Marigold  by Clare Halifax

French Marigold

Prints - 38x37 cm
Cambridge Sighs  by Clare Halifax

Cambridge Sighs

Prints - 38x37 cm
Greenhouse - Waterlily Large  by Clare Halifax
French Iris  by Clare Halifax

French Iris

Prints - 29x19 cm
Spanish Carnation  by Clare Halifax

Spanish Carnation

Prints - 29x19 cm
Greenhouse Cacti Large by Clare Halifax

Greenhouse Cacti Large

Prints - 76x76 cm
In Bloom 5 by Clare Halifax

In Bloom 5

Prints - 56x56 cm
La Palme - 284 by Clare Halifax

La Palme - 284

Prints - 56x56 cm
Stepney Green, 3 Palm Triangle  by Clare Halifax

Y is for Yak

Prints - 38x37 cm

U is for Umbrella Bird

Prints - 38x37 cm

X is for X-ray Fish

Prints - 38x37 cm

Waterlily House and Home

Prints - 56x56 cm

Winter Rose

Prints - 29x19 cm

Z is for Zebra

Prints - 38x37 cm

Bijou Barbican

Prints - 20x25 cm

Cacti Cluster

Prints - 38x37 cm

A Murder of Crows

Prints - 38x28 cm

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