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Many of our artists at Rise Art are London based and in turn become inspired by the bustling streets and impressive architecture that makes up our capital city. The grand buildings and bridges that stretch across the winding river make the city visually inspiring and unique. Looking back through the history of art many painters were inspired by London and their paintings give us a fascinating glimpse into the transformation of the city we know today. Discover London paintings for sale below.…

Paintings of London through the Ages

Giovanni Antonio Canal was an Italian painter who is better known as Canaletto. He lived in England from 1746-1755, where he produced many paintings of the River Thames and the newly completed Westminster Bridge.

His painting The Thames and the City (1746-47) offers us a fascinating insight into what London looked like in the 1700s. Multiple spires pierce the skyline with St. Pauls Cathedral towering above the city, clearly visible because of the low level buildings that surround it, which is opposed to today’s looming skyscrapers. The Thames is also littered with boats demonstrating that this must have been a common form of transport.

With the industrial revolution beginning in the UK around 1760, grand stations and steam trains began to be introduced. The speed of trains and the freedom of travel inspired many artists.

John Crowther created 440 works of London, including View of London showing St Paul's and Canon Street Station from Southwark Bridge (1880s). His enormous collection of works offers us an insight into Victorian London and portrays the development of the city into ‘the big smoke’.

Working in the early 1900s, some of the most famous paintings of London were created by Claude Monet. His Impressionist style paintings of The Houses of Parliament or Westminster Bridge are highly atmospheric as he tended to paint en plein air, which is the act of painting outdoors.

Monet was especially interested in how the light differed at varying times of the day and he created many images of the same place to represent the changing light. His images also appear clouded in smog, which further distorts the light to create an almost ethereal feeling.

As London continues to grow and evolve, the city remains a source of inspiration for many artists. At Rise Art we have expertly curated a collection of London paintings which each convey the unique and intriguing nature of our capital city.

Our Collection

Angela Edwards creates paintings based on images from the media or that she has taken on her phone. In doing this she elevates scenes of everyday life and injects them with poignancy.

In Some Day (2018) her grey colour palette heightens the feeling of the mundane commute and the urban surroundings. Yet, the bright and illuminated patches of colour in the figures’ hair or legs and the red bus give a sense of movement. The viewer feels swept along with the anonymous crowd as we witness the figures from the position of the artist’s camera.

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