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        Ewa Czarniecka

        Eva Czarniecka sees her style as something in between abstract and Impressionism.
        Bronislaw Linke’s painting, Sea of Blood" inspired Eva to start painting.
        After moving to London, Eva started painting on Bayswater Road everyday.

        Polish painter Eva Czarniecka is known for her vibrant impressionistic cityscapes inspired by London living. Eva creates energetic and visceral responses to daily life, evoking mood and atmosphere in each of her paintings. Drawn to reflecting light and rain, Eva uniquely captures the essence of a frenzied city. Eva uses oil paints, which allow her to achieve rich and textured colours. By abstracting form and saturating colour, Eva gives each of her paintings a luminous glow and creates new impressions of London in the rain.

        Eva Czarniecka’s Early Life and Education

        Born in 1975 Krasiczyn, a small village in south-east Poland, Eva remembers seeing Bronislaw Linke’s Sea of Blood at age 13 and being inspired to paint. After graduating from Maria Curie Sklodowska University of Art Lublin in Poland, Eva moved to London. To this day, London remains one of Eva’s greatest inspirations, from the streets of Bayswater Road to Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Drawn to the wonder of the city, Eva uses romantic and poetic titles in her Impressionist art, from Stroll Through Rainbow, to Romance in London

        Exhibitions and Recognition

        Since moving to London in 2002, Eva has shown her paintings in a number of solo and group exhibitions. From The Annual Exhibition Society of Women Artists, to Mall Gallery, to The Saatchi Gallery, Eva’s love of London has in return led to her success throughout the UK. The colour and energy in Eva’s art has also gained her international recognition, with paintings published in May Fine Art Prints.

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