Adam Bridgland

Adam Bridgeland explores themes of nostalgia, irony, disappointment and love.
Adam’s art is greatly influenced by music and poetry.
Adam frequently collaborates with artists Lucy Gough and Lee Johnson.

Adam Bridgland is an interdisciplinary artist and printmaker who exposes the nuances and humour of the British identity. Instilled with a clear sense of nostalgia, Adam’s work combines typography and graphic art to comment on the ingrained patterns of the British behaviour. He creates work that resembles kitsch postcards, children’s colouring books and old-fashioned posters in its refined and direct approach. Adam reimagines the role of slogans, and positions them as ironic comments that reveal the peculiarity to be found in the everyday. Exploring themes of hilarity and hypocrisy, Adam’s art is probing and witty.

Adam Bridgland’s Education and Career

Adam studied Print and Photomedia at Norwich School of Art and Design before completing an MA in Fine Art from The Royal College of Art in 2006. Since then, Adam’s work has gone from success to success, exhibiting throughout the UK, Europe, the US and Asia. Over the last 15 years, Adam’s work has been hugely popular with private and public collectors including The British Museum, The V&A and Debbie Harry.


Adam received his first major public art commission in 2009 from Commissions East. Since this pivotal moment in his career, Adam has gone on to collaborate with brands such as YouTube, Comme Des Garcons, Heals, Ace Hotel, Soho House and many more. Over the years, Adam’s Pop Art style and punchy designs have appealed to both commercial and critical audiences. His installation, I Need This Wilderness For My Heart To Beat, which currently sits outside the TAG Fine Arts building in Islington, is his favourite piece he has created to date.

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