Mychael Barratt

Mychael Barratt was made President of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 2013.
Mychael was an artist in residence at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.
In 2015, Mychael’s book 'The Master’s Muse: Artists’ Cats and Dogs' was published.

Canadian artist Mychael Barratt creates paintings and prints inspired by fairytales, literature and art history. The narrative-led nature of Mychael’s art makes for unique and imaginative pieces that combine fact and fiction. Versatile in style and appearance, Mychael’s work ranges from intricate cityscapes and maps, to architecture and portraiture. With an eye for colour and detail, Mychael imparts charm and intrigue into each and every piece of art.

Mychael Barratt’s Career

Mychael studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art before moving to London to continue his training at Central St. Martin’s. Mychael still lives in London, and draws so much of his inspiration from the city’s architecture, landscape and everyday life. In the last ten years, Mychael’s art has been part of much of London’s recent art history. Prior to the 2012 London Olympics, Mychael was commissioned to create a large-scale mural in Mile End and in 2013 Mychael was made President of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Today, his work can be seen in some of London’s most prominent institutions, from The British Library and The British Museum to the V&A Museum.

Muses, Maps and Myths Exhibition

In 2015, Mychael exhibited Muses, Maps and Myths at For Arts Sake’s Bond Street Gallery. The selection of work shown ranged from the fantastical to the fictional, with an interesting look at famous artists and pieces of art. For instance, Mychael adopted the styles Antony Gormley and Yayoi Kusama respectively to create humorous images of the artist’s dogs. This witty approach characterises Mychael’s style and makes for an honest and self-aware approach to creating art.

Selected Works

Matisse's cat II by Mychael Barratt

Matisse's cat II

Prints - 40x38 cm
Vermeer's cat by Mychael Barratt

Vermeer's cat

Prints - 40x38 cm
Dungeness by Mychael Barratt


Prints - 66x64 cm
Edward Hopper's dog by Mychael Barratt

Edward Hopper's dog

Prints - 68x66 cm
Yayoi Kusama's garden by Mychael Barratt

Yayoi Kusama's garden

Prints - 62x60 cm
Gormley's cat by Mychael Barratt

Gormley's cat

Prints - 40x38 cm
Bauwauhaus by Mychael Barratt


Prints - 40x38 cm
Cy Twombly's Cat by Mychael Barratt

Cy Twombly's Cat

Prints - 40x38 cm
Edward Hopper's dog - Nighthawks by Mychael Barratt
Starry Night by Mychael Barratt

Starry Night

Prints - 64x62 cm

Made in London

Prints - 86x114 cm

Damien Hirst's dog

Prints - 64x62 cm

The Soho Altarpiece

Prints - 94x130 cm

Eric Ravilious's dog II

Prints - 40x38 cm

A London Bestiary

Prints - 76x110 cm

Cindy Sherman's dog

Prints - 40x38 cm

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