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        Kit Boyd’s work is inspired by the British romantic tradition and influenced by British neo-romantic artists of the 1940s.
        Kit’s landscapes are a welcome retreat from the stresses and hyper-stimulation of contemporary reality.
        Kit's richly coloured prints are exhibited in private galleries across London. He is also a member of East London Printmakers.

        In a style reminiscent of the British Romantics, Kit Boyd creates prints, collages and paintings which analyse our relationship with landscape and our place in nature.

        Early Career & Education

        Kit has a degree in Visual Art from Aberystwyth University where he studied between 1988-91, and where he often returns to draw inspiration from the wondrous landscapes of mid-Wales and Shropshire. During his time at university, Kit developed a love for the British romantic tradition. Following in the footsteps of Samuel Palmer and neo-romantic artists such as Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash and John Craxton, Kit’s work matured into an exploration of nature as a refuge from the modern world.

        Kit Boyd’s Style

        Kit’s figurative prints are an ode to the pastoral idyll and aim to channel the mysterious spirit of place. His rural lino works take viewers down winding paths surrounded by lush forests, vines and flowers that twine in mysterious hills and leaf-covered roads. Mixing elements of both surrealism and realism, the richness of Kit’s tinted and hand-coloured prints draw the eye and enable the viewer to go beyond their typical surface appreciation of the world.

        Press and Exhibitions

        Kit’s work has previously been chosen for The Discerning Eye, and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. His landscape etchings were included in ‘The Poetic Impulse – the Etchings of Samuel Palmer, his Peers and Followers’ at the Court Barn Museum in Oxfordshire by print dealer Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, who also represents him at the London Original Print Fair and the Works on Paper Fair. Kit exhibits with Greenwich Printmakers, Southbank Printmakers and several private galleries in London.

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