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        Nadia Attura graduated from The London College of Printing with a Degree in Photojournalism.
        The New York Times was Nadia’s first editorial commission.
        In 2017, Nadia was one of the five finalists in the Visual Arts Open Prize Award.

        British photographer and printmaker Nadia Attura creates layered pieces of art that capture a sense of time and place. Characterised by bright washes of colour and fantastical scenes of nature, Nadia’s art presents a whimsical and romantic view of the natural world. Botanical motifs and patterned shapes all merge to form complex arrangements that evoke far flung scenes of paradise. The surrealist tone to Nadia’s botanical prints further enhances the idealism and beauty that sit at the heart of her work.

        Nadia Attura’s Education and Career

        Since graduating from The London College of Printing with a Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism, Nadia has pursued a successful career as a fine artist. The versatility of Nadia’s photographic and digital style, paired with its aesthetic appeal, has led to her work being featured in The New York Times, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal. Nadia’s prints have also caught the eye of artists and designers and recently her work has been shown in The World of Interiors, Aesthetica Magazine, The Cooph Magazine, and VOGUE Germany twice.


        Nadia’s work has remained a firm favourite at The Other Art Fair for the last five years, as well as The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, where she exhibited in 2016 and 2019. Over the past few years, Nadia’s art has made its way around London, showing in galleries such as A l’Etage, Gallery Close, Jo’s House and Imitate Gallery.

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