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        Dan Baldwin’s work explores themes of death, nostalgia, love and pain.
        Dan Baldwin’s art has been collected by Damien Hirst, Peter Blake and Gilbert & George.
        In 2008, Dan’s ‘Apocalypse Wow – The End of Everything’ sold at Bonhams for over £25,000.

        Born in Manchester in 1972, Dan Baldwin is known for his vibrant style that blends the abstract and the figurative to create bold and vibrant pieces of art. Recognised as one of the leading figures in the Young British Artist movement, since early on in his career Dan has been established globally. Reflecting reality and imagination, Dan’s works are manifestations of his own mind, integrated with themes of love, memory, politics and psychological wonderings. Taking inspiration from everything, Dan’s work includes references to Pop Art as well as traditional Dutch painting.

        Dan Baldwin’s Education and Career

        Dan trained at Eastbourne College of Art before continuing his studies at Kent Institute of Art. With work that is hugely popular with both investors and artists, Dan’s prints have been collected by the likes of Bernie Ecclestone, Damien Hirst, Peter Blake and Gilbert & George. The versatility of Dan’s style has led to a number of artistic collaborations, ranging from Sara Berman to Paolo Nutini. For over 30 years, Dan has shown in solo exhibitions across the world and has permanent collections in Café Royal and The Groucho Club.

        Style and Practice

        The majority of Dan’s work takes the form of silkscreen prints. Integrating the real with the imaginary, Dan layers his work, both physically and conceptually. Glazes, collage and even diamond dust sit on silkscreen surfaces to give a textural depth to Dan’s work. Recurring motifs of skeletons, flowers, knives and cartoon figures characterise Dan’s style, with the stark contrast between them making for art that is both sinister and fantastical. The symbolism and stories that construct Dan’s work function to address each of us individually, making for a viewing experience that is personal and entirely unique.

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