Paul Coghlin

Paul Coghlin has a great eye for composition and the geometric shapes in animals, nature, architecture and cars.
Paul has studied Environmental Science and Remote Sensing (a way of photographing the Earth).
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“Throughout all of my projects, I’ve worked to capture not just a subject’s form, but also a visual and perhaps painterly representation of the fleeting emotion I felt at the time the images were captured; encouraging the viewer to experience at least part of that same intangible sensation when they study my work”.

British fine-art photographer Paul Coghlin was born in London in 1967, and is currently based in Suffolk in eastern England.

Paul received his Fellowship from the British Institute for Professional Photography (BIPP) in 2012, attained for “distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity”.

He is the recipient of over 50 international awards, including the prestigious International Photography Awards in New York. He has twice received the Photographer of the Year award from the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) - in 2010 and again in 2013 - and the Peter Grugeon Award (ABIPP) in 2010.

His images have appeared regularly in publications and international exhibitions, including at AIPAD in New York and the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London.

In addition to his photographic qualifications, Paul also holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Environmental Science from Plymouth University (1993) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing (Earth imaging/Photogrammetry) from University College London (1997).

Selected Works

Moving Curve by Paul Coghlin

Moving Curve

Photography - 81x81 cm
Variation 12 (White and Green) by Paul Coghlin

Variation 12 (White and Green)

Photography - 105x72 cm
Variation 13 (Blue) by Paul Coghlin

Variation 13 (Blue)

Photography - 105x72 cm
The Mountain II by Paul Coghlin

The Mountain II

Photography - 105x105 cm
The Mountain I by Paul Coghlin

The Mountain I

Photography - 105x105 cm
The Mountain III by Paul Coghlin

The Mountain III

Photography - 105x105 cm
Variation 18 (turquoise) by Paul Coghlin

Variation 18 (turquoise)

Photography - 105x84 cm
Variation 19 (copper) by Paul Coghlin

Variation 19 (copper)

Photography - 105x84 cm
Variation 8 (monochrome) by Paul Coghlin

Variation 8 (monochrome)

Photography - 105x84 cm
Variation 6 (orange) by Paul Coghlin

Variation 6 (orange)

Photography - 105x84 cm

Variation 1 (purple and blue)

Photography - 105x84 cm

Variation 9 (neon green and yellow)

Photography - 105x105 cm

Berlin Abstract II

Photography - 90x62 cm

Berlin Abstract I

Photography - 90x62 cm

Lion's Stare (76x76cm image)

Photography - 86x86 cm

Two Elephants (51x64cm image)

Photography - 51x64 cm

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