Toos van Holstein


In 2016 Toos van Holstein was elected as Dutch Brilliant Artist of the Year. Toos studied art at the Academy in Tilburg. With her independent nature Toos van Holstein choose, already many years ago, for an expressionistic , figurative world in her paintings. With her marvellous use of colours she creates a symbiosis of the many cultures on our world. In The Netherlands Toos van Holstein has been nominated several times for the election of the Artist of the Year. In this election she always ended up in the group of 25 most popular artists of the country. Besides exhibitions in galleries in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and the USA special shows of her work about The Divina Commedia by Dante, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the Iliad and Odysseus by Homer have been held at special locations like museums, churches and fortresses in The Netherlands, France, England, Venice and Beijing.

Selected Works

Nebbia a Venezia by Toos van Holstein

Nebbia a Venezia

Paintings - 65x45 cm
Perspective by Toos van Holstein


Paintings - 40x40 cm
Crossing over by Toos van Holstein

Crossing over

Paintings - 110x40 cm
Happy hippie by Toos van Holstein

Happy hippie

Paintings - 60x60 cm
Silence by Toos van Holstein


Paintings - 55x40 cm
Expectations by Toos van Holstein


Paintings - 110x120 cm
Bodisathva by Toos van Holstein


Paintings - 160x90 cm
Sea of love by Toos van Holstein

Sea of love

Paintings - 150x120 cm
Greek Tragedy by Toos van Holstein

Greek Tragedy

Paintings - 150x100 cm
Murmullo by Toos van Holstein


Paintings - 70x100 cm


Paintings - 60x90 cm

Beauty of the past

Paintings - 80x90 cm

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