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      Helen Shulkin is a diverse artist who produces both digital art and traditional paintings.
      Helen Shulkin was awarded the Osten Biennial of Drawing in 2018.
      You’ll find Helen’s work in exhibitions across Europe, from Ireland to Macedonia.

      Helen Shulkin is an emerging artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Her work represents posturban spaces deeply inspired by architecture, in which she envisions the beginning of a new illusory era, where the cities will become a cluster of moving dimensions scattered in a light and abstract spatial shapes.

      Visiting contemporary cities and looking for locations of deep transformations in terms of architectural structuring, Helen tries to find which spaces are most susceptible to change, what are the prevalent portrayals of postobjects, how are those transformations perceived in human awareness, and which technological structures maintain their entity.

      Helen’s work bundles high-tech and disrupts traditional tectonics. As a result, the spatial objects take on an incredible plasticity, a combination of volumes and shapes in a colorful kaleidoscope of postmodern styles. The spaces are explored through her individual aesthesis, that is a fundamental metaphor in describing of her own interpretations, representing a new mode of experience covering both perception and sensation of a postmodern architecture.

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