Helen Shulkin is a diverse artist who produces both digital art and traditional paintings.
Helen Shulkin was awarded the Osten Biennial of Drawing in 2018.
You’ll find Helen’s work in exhibitions across Europe, from Ireland to Macedonia.

Belarusian artist Helen Shulkin was born in 1978 and studied in her own country before relocating to Germany in 2015. Using distinctly modern techniques, she creates digital art that challenges our perspectives of the modern art scene. Within her work, she focuses largely on surrealist scenes of modern cities, exploring the conflicts between old and new in a world that is constantly advancing. Not limited to one medium, Helen also works on acrylic paintings that examine similar themes to her digital work.

Helen Shulkin’s Career Path

Helen was first educated at a classical art school in Molodechno, a small city located in the Minsk region of Belarus. She went on to complete a degree in Fine Art and Drawing from the Belarusian State University in 2001 before eventually relocating to Germany in 2015. The artist produces digital prints and paintings that have earned her critical acclaim, with successful exhibitions and shows across Europe. Helen has had several solo shows in Italy and Macedonia, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and shows in diverse locations ranging from Germany to Ireland.

Awards and Recognition

Helen Shulkin has been nominated for numerous awards for her minimalistic art. She earned herself the Osten Biennial of Drawing in 2018 as well as an honourable mention for Cityscapes, Light Space & Time Online Gallery. What’s more, she has featured in many artistic publications, including Body & Soul in Germany and Klassik Magazine in Spain.

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