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Geometric Artists

Discover geometric artists online. Explore a range of geometric creators specialising in a variety of differents styles from abstract sculpture to minimalist collages, and experimenting in mediums including acrylic paint and wood.

Geometric Collagists

Graphic Designer Kareem Rizk creates heartwarming, multi-layered collages using old books, vintage postcards, outdated brochures and catalogues. Using primarily warm pastel colours and familiar period imagery, often containing old car cut-outs, Kareem produces deeply nostalgic visuals such as Station Wagon No. 4 and Bonnet.

Slovakian artist Slavomir Zombek believes that less is always more, and stays true to his word in his minimalist, geometric collages. Slavomir’s grid-like compositions are calming to behold for their admirable simplicity and clarity. 1984, for instance, demonstrates his distinct and clear-cut style.

Geometric Sculptors

British Artist Olivia Peake’s geometric painting installations such as Semblance (Painting Three), acrylic paint and radiant light film on canvas, adeptly bridge the gap between architecture and art. Olivia’s experimental style, which combines illusionistic qualities of light and a neo-futurist use of space and form, is outstandingly modern.

Contemporary Ukrainian sculptor Andrij Savchuk fashions stunning abstract sculptures out of wood such as Spiral of Sound. Andrij’s practice is predominantly informed by minimalist abstract shapes. That said, his expressive woodwork is structurally harmonious and by no means simplistic; graphic patterns, sharp textures and prismatic colours abound.

Charlie Oscar Patterson creates abstract geometric sculptures which demonstrate his passion for minimal detail and unconventional forms. La Boheme, acrylic on wood, is characterised by Charlie’s refined and structured approach. Bold, block colours also feature heavily in his works.

Geometric Painters

Robert Dunt is an influential British artist whose electric canvases demand attention. Explosive colour and exploratory patterns are starring motifs throughout Robert’s portfolio. His mixed-media abstracts such as Seashore and Fingle Bridge, both oil and felt tip pen on canvas, often have a musical influence and look at ideas of interference, sound waves and pixelation.

Digital & Mixed-Media Geometric Artists

Kevin Jackson uses traditional mark-making techniques to express the inexpressible. His original geometric prints and paintings such as 5 POINT, digital software on paper, and Half Smiling, mixed-acrylic on raw canvas, have subtle, sometimes monochromatic palettes, and play with hypnotic shape formations.

Photographer Nick Miners takes elegant geometric photographs inspired by his interest in brutalist architecture. His deceptively minimalist shots of urban landscapes and industrial constructs such as Tinted Concrete: Amber, lustre finish on photographic paper, are visually striking.

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    Featured Artists
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    Debbi Kenote

    United States
    B. 1991

    Luana Asiata

    United Kingdom
    B. 1973

    Paul Brouns

    B. 1967

    Kate Banazi

    B. 1970

    Marie Guerrier

    B. 1992

    Lisa Kellner

    United States
    B. 1965

    Philip Vaughan

    United States
    B. 1945

    Zahra Jewanjee

    United Arab Emirates
    B. 1983

    Sandra Blow

    United Kingdom
    B. 1925

    Niki Hare

    United Kingdom
    B. 1971

    Coralie Huon

    B. 1982

    Briony Marshall

    United Kingdom
    B. 1974

    Emily Hana

    United Kingdom
    B. 1990

    Maggie Jiang

    United States
    B. 1973

    Ludovic Mercher

    B. 1970