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Marie-Astrid Grivet


Marie-Astrid Grivet was born in Paris in 1969. She obtained a master's degree in management at Paris-Dauphine University in 1991, then followed the courses of the Martenot Plastic Arts School which she graduated in 2010. She shares her Activity between artistic education and its own creation. She has been a member of the "Society of French Artists" since 2017. Marie-Astrid Grivet's artistic approach tends above all towards the search for a harmonious composition between figuration and abstraction. Its inspiration finds its source in the representation of spaces and objects with their set of vertical and horizontal lines, curves, full and empty. Her work breaks into several stages: at first, she performs numerous charcoal sketches or pencil. They allow, starting from realistic elements, to gradually seek the composition around rhythms, lines and values. In a second step, and once the composition has been stopped in its broad outline, it transcribes it on paper in China ink. This technique is gesture, rhythmic and dynamic. With the brush or bamboo, it strengthens the composition, highlights the contrasts, brings the light. Finally, she addresses the work of color on the canvas, by performing several passages in order to find the right harmony and the material sought. Brushes, knives, pigments ... The color enriches the essential search for lines and rhythms, softness and energy.

Selected Works

Escalier jaune

Paintings - 130x97 cm

Escalier à l'orange

Paintings - 116x89 cm


Paintings - 81x100 cm

En avant

Paintings - 120x80 cm

Escalier rose

Paintings - 100x73 cm


Paintings - 120x80 cm

Encre Aubrac

Drawings - 46x61 cm

Encre escalier

Drawings - 61x46 cm


Paintings - 116x89 cm

Homme amphore

Paintings - 92x65 cm


Paintings - 100x81 cm

Roches vertes

Paintings - 100x73 cm


Paintings - 100x81 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm

Nature morte en rose

Paintings - 89x116 cm

Discussion acidulée

Paintings - 73x100 cm


Paintings - 65x92 cm

En équilibre

Paintings - 89x116 cm

Nature morte aux blancs

Paintings - 146x97 cm

Tête en bleus

Paintings - 81x100 cm

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