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        Kevin Jackson’s work is held in the British Museum.
        Kevin has exhibited in solo and group shows across the world.
        In 2009, Kevin won the London Group Open prize.

        Born in the UK in 1954, Kevin Jackson is a British artist who lives and works from London. His Mixed Media Paintings are an examination of our position within a world that is rapidly becoming more and more digital, and how we process these changes. Both simple and intriguing, these Abstract Paintings work with colour and form to explore our responses to the virtual world. There’s a unique energy to his style, and his Geometric Abstract Paintings are all bursting with life and movement.

        Kevin Jackson’s Artistic Career

        Kevin holds an MA in Fine Art from the prestigious Chelsea School of Art, and has been a prolific creator ever since graduating. He has worked for twenty years as a commercial printmaker, and this expertise in visual communication continues to inform his Abstract Art to this day. Not satisfied to limit his talents to just one area, Kevin has also worked in education, teaching printmaking at Goldsmiths College of Art and Sir John Cass School of Art, London, among other places. In 2009, Kevin was named prize winner of the London Group Open.

        Exhibitions and Collections

        You’ll find Kevin Jackson’s Paintings in prestigious public collections, including the British Museum and the National Museum of Jordan. Kevin has also exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the world, as well as receiving commissions from corporations and private clients.

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