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Aurore Thuault


Art embroidery - The first milestones of a family in which the art of thread and the handling of tools hold a preponderant place, Aurore was able to explore, to experiment, from an early age, & nbsp; matter. Consciousness of the perspective offered by a multidisciplinary creative approach, Aurore is then based on her predispositions to develop her technical skills in art crafts. Honor in his works, thus allowing him to establish connections with all of his knowledge to do. & nbsp; Haute Couture embroidery - the evolution openings in prestigious embroidery workshops and haute couture houses in the Parisian square, was A real click. Beyond the technique, it became aware of the infinite possibilities that were offered to it, whether in terms of the materials used or the fields of application, thus nourishing its creativity. She discovers the exhibition Alexander McQueen & nbsp;: Savage Beauty in Victoria & amp; Albert Museum, in London, paying tribute to the famous designer. & Nbsp; architectural embroidery, needle sculpture - confirmations, artistic approach, the starting point of which can be a reason, a theme, a technique or a material takes its rise in The creation of works falling under geometric abstraction. The diversion of materials, the effects of light and volume, the game of codes are an integral part of its work. Geometry is just as present in its sources of inspiration since It is passionate about sacred geometry, the Bauhaus school, the work of artists such as Escher, Vasarely and the Albers couple. What is the initial impulse, the reason will be worked until a obtaining a Visual effect which is similar to an abyss & nbsp;: the creation of a new pattern from the repeated initial motif, thus creating a singular and dynamic work. Quest for perfection, follows a crucial preparatory process, which encompasses several stages, from drawing to the enhancement of the work. One of them is the sampling phase which includes & nbsp; tests and research of & nbsp; supplies, fabrics, constructions and points. Each millimeter counts. The choice of support results from a real questioning, thus serving the work or sometimes tending even to disappear completely.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 25x25 cm

Lunar 1 gold

Sculpture - 47x47 cm

Lunar 2 red & green

Sculpture - 47x47 cm

Unkragled 6:1 Constant change

Sculpture - 59x42 cm

Unkragled 3:1 Infinity

Sculpture - 59x42 cm

Unkragled 2:1 Yon or Ki

Sculpture - 59x42 cm

Unkragled 1:2 Wavy weave 2

Sculpture - 59x42 cm

Unkragled 1:1 Wavy weave

Sculpture - 59x42 cm

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