Kareem Rizk

Kareem Rizk initially trained as a Graphic Designer before becoming a Fine Artist.
Kareem has been featured in magazines such as Dirty Laundry and It’s Nice That.
Kareem is fascinated in the nostalgic feel of vintage visual materials.

Kareem Rizk is an Australian collage and mixed media artist who uses found materials and printed remnants to create evocative pieces of art. Taking imagery from old advertising material and post-war messaging, Kareem aims to create permanent reflections of transitory feelings. Kareem’s process is thorough as he constantly arranges abstract elements and images to form coherent pieces of art that have a clear direction to them. Kareem’s paper collages are unified in the warm palette of pastel colours that form each piece, which also functions to enhance the nostalgic feel of his work.

Kareem Rizk’s Education and Background

Born in Melbourne in 1982, Kareem graduated from Monash University in 2004 with a BA in Visual Communication. During his time studying, Kareem developed a love for collage and after graduating, he turned to illustration. Kareem started his career as a Graphic Designer but soon found his way to minimalist collage as a fine artist.

Creative Process and Collaborations

Now based in Copenhagen, Kareem works across oils, acrylics, pencil and collage. Kareem exhibits his art internationally in galleries, fairs and exhibitions. Kareem works on everything from craft paper and notebook covers to old envelopes and panels of wood. However, Kareem’s collages are unique in their refined compositions and intrinsic sense of balance. The harmonious and at times minimal aesthetic of Kareem’s style has also led to collaborations with editorial clients such as The Financial Times, It’s Nice That and Art Review.