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      Taya De La Cruz


      Taya De La Cruz is an abstract expressionist whose works serve as an antidote to the modern expectations of pace, achievement and results. The painter and digital artist uses her work to distil chaos into order and expand the concept of the written word.

      Taya de La Cruz’s Early Career

      Half-Spanish, half-Indian, Taya was raised in sleepy southern Spain and educated in Gibraltar. She trained as an actress and found her way into visual art after a particularly dark chapter in her life. Drawing inspiration from this period, many of her works now investigate the psychology of overcoming hardship and elite performance.

      Style and Practice

      Taya has created a new technique of painting - using medical-grade syringes and needles - to allow herself to work with paint on a microscopic level. Each labour-intensive piece visually articulates the time taken to create it and reinforces the message of slowing down and being in the now. Using detailed minuscule handwriting, Taya invites the viewer to get even closer to her artwork and explore the narrative behind it.

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